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Our Story - How We Got Here

I'm excited you are here!  I'm Robyn and you may know me under my previous business name - Painting With Friends, when I focused primarily on home paint parties. 

I have found that art is an adventure that never gets old - there are so many possibilities....and I do love to explore!  In March 2019, I rebranded under Robyn Smith Art Adventures to expand in teaching a variety of art experiences!   

I have a passion for guiding others in exploring art in a way they might not have thought of before!  One of my favorite areas is Mixed Media and Art Journaling.  There is no right or wrong.  It's experiencing art through play - and that's where we learn the most!  I also LOVE repurposing items into my art - old records, maps, old sheet music, patterns, tissue paper....(yes, I need a bigger house for my stash of "art supplies")!  

My goal this year is to add more videos and tutorials.  I'm not gifted in the technical I thank you in advance for your grace during my learning curve!  I will also be adding more creative excursions to places that are sure to inspire!

What about you?  Are you looking for inspiration?  Are you looking for a creative outlet where you can explore different aspects of creativity?  Are you okay with 'perfect imperfection' over 'perfectionism'?  Or would you like to be?  Then you are in the right place and I welcome you as a fellow art adventurer!  Sign up below for the newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events.

 If you have any questions or have a suggestion on a class you'd like to take, then click on the contact tab and let me know!


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