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Our Story - How We Got Here

Hi!  I'm Robyn and I'm thrilled that you're here!  For now I will share the short version of our story, as I'll be sharing more in the days ahead through tutorials, blogs, etc.

In 2015, I envisioned Home Paint Parties that provided other options besides painting on canvas.  I founded Painting With Friends and provided options of painting on canvas, glassware, and fabric.  My catch phrase was "What's not to paint?".  I must share a confession here - I tend to get bored easy and I'm always trying something new!

I have been on a journey of exploring a variety of mediums, which led to teaching classes so others could explore them as well. (I get artsy goosebumps when I walk people through these creative adventures and see their excitement)!  However, these classes didn't fit into the 2-3 hr format for a Home Paint Party.  That is how I started teaching Mixed Media, Decorative Painting, and Art Journaling at Hobby Lobby and Spokane Art Supply.  

One of my long-term goals is to be a travel teacher.  I reckon I already am at a local level as I don't operate out of a brick and mortar building.  However, to travel nationally or abroad, I need to establish an online presence and platform to open that door of possibility.  Yikes and Yay at the same time!!

However, in the national Decorative Painting arena, there is already a business name of Painting With Friends.  The founder had and still has a huge following (she lost her battle with an illness).  Her friends have kept her business active in her memory.  Although I've not had the pleasure of meeting her, I didn't feel right about using that name as my online branding.  So I needed a new name for my future goals, but struggled with re-branding locally for Home Paint Parties.

​Bottom line - when looking at my business, I basically had 2!  One for Home Paint Parties and one for everything else.  In order to bring the two together and to allow for future plans - Painting With Friends will continue to operate locally for Home Paint Parties, under the umbrella of Robyn Smith Art Adventures! 

Thank you for being a part of our new adventure - and thank you in advance for your grace as we make changes!


The Future We See

At www.RobynSmithArtAdventures.com, we want to bring a variety of creative adventures!  Some will be in a typical paint class setting - others will be excursions to local places that are sure to inspire!  Oh how I love adventures!!  Be sure to subscribe below to get notified of upcoming events/adventures!


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